Our Story

How we came to be . . . 

The makings of Slime



From a backyard fire, BoxOfSliime was born. In 2016, Lacey and Thomas, tired of spending loads of money for their daughters on ingredients to make and play with slime, set out to bring a professional slime that all people could play with and not deal with headaches of finding ingredients and so forth.

After researching and seeing that nothing like this existed, it was time to launch. We officially started planning in October of 2016 and launched on Cratejoy in February, with our first Slime Box going out in March 2017.  

Our boxes are filled with love by a family-run team in Indiana.  We are a great family that builds every Slime and Slime Box by hand, each month.  

We are so grateful and humbled by the support of everyone, including our customers.  We have some great ideas and themes coming soon.  We couldn't have done this without you.  

Thank You!